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Scott spent countless hours as a child building models. He has always had a great attention for detail. He attended Northern Illinois University, majoring in jewelry. He served a Swiss style apprenticeship for Swiss jewelry designer, Jean Francois Albert. There not only did he learn the fine points of goldsmithing, but he mastered their casting.

Jennifer was born drawing and creating. She graduated with honors from Ray College of Design (now Illinois Art Institute), having majored in Fashion Illustration, with a minor in Graphic Design. She stumbled upon 3D computer graphics with its inception, and focused primarily on product and toy design.

After being together for over 20 years, they finally embarked on a business venture together, Skinny Dog Design Group, Inc. In 2003, they purchased the software and machinery necessary to combine their talents and allow them to make their own jewelry.

Finding a market for making 'biker style" jewelry, they often sold their custom pieces at motorcycle and tattoo shows. Selling their wares at the Love Ride proved fateful when they met a man attending the show that said he was in the prop business for tv. When he found out that they made all of their jewelry right in their studio in Long Beach, he said he'd be in touch. He was an assistant prop master for NCIS, and when the need arose for a piece of jewelry, he dug Scott & Jen's number out and gave it to the prop master.

The next week NCIS needed another piece for another episode. And the next week the same thing. Then, because the props dept. at NCIS were so happy with the quality of work and service they had gotten from Scott & Jen, they generously passed their information along to a prop house.

That was over 3 years ago, and now making jewelry for tv, films, commercials, and videos is over 90% of Skinny Dog's business.

Skinny Dog Design Group combines the talents of Jen and Scott to create some of the most jaw dropping jewelry.

What others see as impossible, they see as a challenge.