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Blackbeard's Baldric Buckle

We had the wonderful opportunity of working on this film when there were only character concept sketches. In talking to the propmaster, we were able to understand the vision they had for Blackbeard as a ruthless, bad man.

For his baldric buckle we developed several concepts, each being a bit more gruesome than the last. The design they chose was one of my initial designs that features skulls, hands, pelvises and vertebrae to create a decorative pattern.

Blackbeard's Skull Band Ring

When we were designing rings we were given the opportunity to submit jewelry that was appropriate from our collection. We actually designed the band ring about 5 years ago, and have been selling it as a LE piece called the "Skull Scoop." There are 39 different skulls on the ring, and 6 bezel set Mozambique garnets.

We made a version of this ring for sale in the Disney Parks. It is a rhodium plated version with simulated stones and has the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides logo on the back of the shank.

Blackbeard's Onyx Skull Ring

For Blackbeard's iconic ring, we wanted to do something less obvious than a traditional skull ring. We designed and submitted 8 rings for him, and this is the one they chose.

I've had the idea for this ring in my mind for a while, in that it is derived from our "Skullternity Band." The basic concept was to take a cabochon, round black onyx in this case and built a giant bezel of tiny skulls. So, there are 2 rows of 28 skulls (56 total) that make up the bezel. The shank is heavily hammered and is edged in long bones. The cabochon has been drilled and a detailed skull pinned into the top.

This ring is also available for purchase at Disney Parks. It too is rhodium plated with a simulated stone, not quite as many skulls around the bezel and the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides logo on the back of the shank.

Angelica's Gold Cross Necklace

Though we submitted our ideas for Angelica's cross, the costume designer had already decided on a cross they purchased in an antique shop in London. So, not only did they need multiples, but it also had to be sized down significantly for Penelope Cruz.

We also made a version of this pendant for sale at Disney Parks. It is nearly identical with the exception of the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides logo on the back.

The Zombie Gunner's Bone Dagger

We designed and submitted over 30 pieces for the movie, including this dagger handle. It was originally designed for Blackbeard, but when they decided to give him a more refined set of weaponry, they still loved our dagger handle and gave it to the zombie gunner.

King George I's Blue Ring

When we are involved in designing pieces for a character, we usually submit 3-6 ideas for each piece we are asked to design. We are then asked to make physical samples of pieces they like. Those physical samples may not be chosen for the character for which they are designed, but they are the property of the production that purchased them. These pieces go into the inventory of the production, and often end up on other characters. And that is what happened with this ring.

We originally designed this piece for Blackbeard as an alternative to a skull ring. It features ship's "figure heads" on the shoulder of the shank, and the shank has a wood texture with planking around the shank. For Blackbeard, we designed it with a red stone, and had his crest cast in gold and enameled in black on the top of the stone.

When the King George I acquired the ring, they of course removed the crest from the top, and changed the stone to a royal blue.