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3 Giant Championship Rings

Nike Basketball did an ad campaign called MVPuppets, featuring puppet versions of Kobe Bryant & LeBron James. Puppet Kobe & puppet LeBron were roomies and puppet Kobe was relentless with his teasing of LeBron and throwing his then 3 championship rings in his face.

We were hired to make 3, oversized basketball championship rings. Above you can see the "Condors" championship ring shown for size comparison, in that it is an average sized championship rings. The rings we made were just over 2" wide and high. Because the NBA and Lakers were not involved with Nike's commercial, we could not use the actual Lakers' ring designs or name, or NBA name.

Nike "Swoosh" Lapel Pins

MVPuppet Kobe & LeBron did the opening to ESPN's SportCenter during the NBA Playoffs.

We made small puppet sized lapel pins of the NIKE Swoosh for the MVPuppets to wear on the lapels of their tiny suits.

#4 Giant Championship Ring

After Kobe Bryant won his 4th NBA Championship with the Lakers, Nike Basketball did continued their MVPuppet ad campaign, and in the commercial titled, "Case of the Missing Shoe, Part 2," his 3 previous giant championship rings made another apprearance (shined up of course) and the 4th giant championship ring made its debut.

Gold & Diamond "Grill"

To celebrate the holidays, the MVPuppets were visited by a rapping reindeer & Santa. And of course Santa had a spectacular costume, including a "grill" that was gold and diamond, with "$ANTA" pave set on the center teeth.

This is the first and only grill we have made, and for a puppet, no less. We were fortunate to get our hands on one of the puppet mouths, so we were able to shape it to fit Santa perfectly.

Gold & Diamond MVPuppet Kobe & MVPuppet LeBron Pendants

In Lil Dez's Christmas rap commercial, he donned 2 pendants that we made. We made large rapper style pendants of the MVPuppet Kobe character, and the MVPuppet LeBron character, pave set with as many diamonds as we could fit on their jerseys.

Fire Chief Helmet Badge

The last commercial we did for the MVPuppet ad campaign was for the commercial tittled, "House on Fire." Sadly, Kobe and LeBron experienced a house fire, and we had to make the badge to go on the front of the fire chief's helmet.

So, we were given a sample fire helmet in the correct size for the MVPuppets that we had to make a brass and enamel badge for designating the fire chief.

All 11 Lakers NBA Championship Rings

Nike Basketball did an ad campaign featuring Dwayne Wade. In the commercial, the sensai character was dressed in Lakers colors, and wore all 11 Lakers NBA Championship rings.

In all other cases when we have made championship rings for any sports, they have had to be generic. In this case, Nike had permission from both the NBA & the Lakers to use the actual ring designs. So, in less than one week, we had to create copies of all 11 rings, in different sizes to fit the actor.