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Necklace to Hold Sniper Bullet

Season 7, Episode 22


Gibbs' family was murdered by a the leader of a Mexican drug cartel. Gibbs in turn murdered his family's murderer. However, he left an unused 50 caliber sniper bullet on a rock. It was picked up by the sister of the murderer, and she had a decorative pendant made to hold it because it meant so much to her.

So we received the sniper bullet and needed to figure how to make a necklace to hold it. So we went with a sleeve that fit it perfectly and tapered down slightly to hold the bullet in it securely, yet when the character needed to remove the bullet in the episode it was easy to slip out.

"666" Ring

Season 7, Episode 22


A rough and tumble lady biker owned a bar. She wore a really bitchin' ring with a "666" carved into it backwards so she would be sure to "leave and impression." NCIS was investigating a murder in which the victim had a "666" carved into his skull. While interviewing the bar owner, they saw her ring, and solved the crime.

For those of you who have followed our jewelry collections for while, the concept of this ring will seem familiar. Since early 2003, we have made a collection we affectionately call "Pummel Rings." The idea of course is that we can put any word, phrase, name or logo on the top of this ring backwards and you will leave your impression in a readable fashion. "Jewelry that Packs a Whollop!"

We did a little twist on our original designs, in that we did a round top and decorated the faces and shoulders of the shank with skulls and flourishes.

Naval Challenge Coin

Season 6, Episode 120


On NCIS, the Secretary of the Navy is the Honorable Phillip Davenport. Our job was to make a Navy challenge coin that was to be given by the Sec. of the Navy.

High School Ring

Season 6, Episode 117


Gibbs is from a small town named Stillwater, PA. There was a murder in his hometown, and the murderer wore a Stillwater class ring.

For this ring, they wanted it to be very simple, and have a representation of Pennsylvania as a top emblem. Originally we designed the ring with a solid silver PA on the top (as seen in the renderings above), but in the end the director requested it to be just an out like, enamelled black with no "PA" on it.

Naval Academy Ring

Season 6, Episode 116

"Capitol Offense"

And for us, this is where it all began. Our first piece of prop jewelry.

We were given the assignment of making a small, female's Naval Academy signet ring. We knew making props would be fun when our very first pieces showed up on a dead body floating.