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Olivia's Wedding Band

Season 1, All Episodes

Sonya Walger brilliantly played Olivia Benford. When it came time to choosing a wedding band, she requested the very simplest, tiniest gold band.

Alpha Symbol QED Rings

Season 1, Episodes 7-22

When the entire world experienced their Flash Forward, the only people who awake in the present were those who were wearing one of the 7 "QED" rings.

We went through many incarnations of concepts and designs for this ring, before the production finally settled on the simplest and perhaps most iconic design. These rings are sterling silver, with and alpha symbold carved into the shoulder of the shank and enamelled in black. Each ring is set with a black onyx oval cabochon.

Engraved Bullets

Season 1, Episode 6

"The Gift"

This episode called for us to provide actual 357 caliber bullets, laser engraved with the phrase, "NOT TODAY."

Amber Tribal Necklace

Season 1, Episode 10

"Better Angels"

A corrupt leader was haunted by the memory of his mother who wore an old tribal necklace. In his Flash Forward, he took it from her when she died and and wore it while making an important speech at a peace conference.

The production wanted this piece to feature large gold and red amber beads, with coconut disc spacers. Originally we strung it on hemp, but were called to the set to restring it onto "aged" wire.

Above is the drawing supplied by the production on the left, and the finished piece on the right.

Below, 3 alternate designs for the Sanctuary pendant.

Sactuary Pendant

Season 1, Episode 11

"Revelation Zero, Part 1"

A mysterious religion popped up after the Flash Forward, called Sanctuary. It you look closely, you will see the signs for Sanctuary posted in the background of scenes. We were asked to make a pendant to be worn by one of the nurses at the hospital.

We were given a rudimentary drawing of the Sanctuary symbol. Unfortunately, no one was really sure of the meaning or symbolism. So, we gave the production 4 different designs. Pendant the chose was 2 toned, gold and silver.