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Diamond Cocktail Ring

Season 1, Episode 16

"Stone Cold"

This episode of the show opened with an investigation in a dead college student's dorm room. On the floor they found a marquis shaped stone that the detectives recognized as a diamond. They also thought it to be a possible clue because it was too large to be in the possession of a college girl.

We designed a few options for the client to consider, and they chose a simple design that was set with 5 marquis shaped stones. It would be very obvious when the center stone was missing.

Gold Script Necklace

Season 1, Episode 2

"Local Hero/Overboard"

On this episode, the girlfriend of the victim wore a pendant with her name LaLa on it. Her pendant matched a tattoo on the victim, and helped to solve the crime.

For this pendant, it was important that this pendant read as a girl's name. We did a couple of designs, including a locket, but ultimately a simple script necklace is the one that worked the best.