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Giant St. Jude Medal

Season 7, Episode 153

"Tipping Point"

CSI is famous for their super close-up shots done with a "lipstick" camera. This tiny camera goes in all of the cracks and crevices of a piece of evidence and reveals blood and other clues.

We are able to provide this production oversized pieces that they can do their lipstick cam magic on. That was the case with this religious medal. They already had acquire an actual size medal of St. Jude, but needed a supersized version. In the above photo, we only made the giant medal, which was approximately 7" in diameter.

Giant Onyx & Diamond Man's Ring

Season 7, Episode 154

"Head Case"

Again, the need arose for a giant replica to be made for an existing original. For this episode the production needed a man's ring with and Onyx slab and diamonds.

Small & Giant Fraternity Pins

Season 7, Episode 152

"Deluca Motel"

For this episode we were asked to make the small, actual size fraternity pins, as well as the giant version.