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"54TH" Keyring

Season 2, Episode 21

"Den of Thieves"

At the scene of a crime, a piece of metal in an odd shape was found. It turned out to be not a symbolic character as originally thought, but the "th" from "54th." This was on a keyring that was exclusive to detectives from the 54th precinct.

Sapphire Ring

Season 2, Episode 18

Sometimes a costume designer or propmaster will find an existing vintage piece that they simply need a copy of in the event that something happens to the original. That was the case with this ring. The top photos are of the small, sterling silver and sapphire antique ring the propmaster had acquired. And the screen captures are of the model we built to make a duplicate of the ring.

Championship Ring

Season 2, Episode 15

"Suicide Squeeze"

This episode of Castle starred Joe Torre and was about a NY baseball champion team. The ring was found on the victim of a murder as was the imprint of the ring in the back of his head, leading Castle to figure another player did it.

Once again we were faced with making a championship ring that had no team name, no logo and couldn't be the design of an actual ring because the Yankees and MLB were not involved with this production.